A Celebration of You: Take a journey of discovery with Parfums de Provence

Create fragrances unique to you and your creativity and enhance your moods throughout the day however you choose to.

Dr Bianca Piscioneri


Do you have a signature fragrance?

A scent you have adored all your life and have always gravitated to it no matter what the occasion and when you want to feel confident in the presence of others? Or have you spent a life time looking for that perfect signature scent and you feel you are still not there?

Do you flip from brand to brand depending on the seasons: fresh uplifting fragrances for spring, fruity and floral for summer and warming more comforting scents for autumn and winter?

Are the fragrances you have gifts from people who know what you might like or what you already have sitting on your dresser or people who know you so well that they take a risk to delight you with something new?

No matter which category you may find yourself in, we invite you to explore Parfums de Provence and experience new ways to enhance your mood with infinite possibilities completely unique to you and your skin; whether these fragrances are a gift to yourself, a gift from you to others or from others to you.


"Create a sense of play and see where your creative journey and imagination takes you."


We have chosen to start our collection of fragrances at GGDS with these particular fragrances from Provence, South of France for two very good reasons. The first reason is that they are what is known as Singular Focus Scents and as such make a great base and are more straight forward to layer together compared to very heavily engineered and overcomplicated brand name perfumes. This means every time you spritz varying doses of different fragrances over each other depending on how you feel, you are constantly creating something new, constantly discovering and immersing yourself in the subtly transformative powers of your fragrances with endless possibilities. This is the fun of it all. Create a sense of play and see where your creative journey and imagination takes you. Allow yourself life’s little luxuries every day - a signature concept and a prescriptive here at GGDS for optimum health and mental wellbeing.

The second reason is that, in addition to being Singular Focus Scents, they are beautifully complex olfactory journeys and Artisan Compositions within themselves and in their own right as individual fragrances. Through their varying top, middle and tail notes, you are drawn to take your olfactory journey to another level, instant delights within seconds and minutes and lasting for hours.

Take Rose for example, an elegant fragrance; a profusion of delicate rose petals, rose absolute, the rare Rose de Mai at its heart is also the spring freshness of freesia, geranium rose leaf and a trail of tender musk and sweet sandalwood. Rose de Mai in this fragrance is exclusively grown in Grasse, a town on the French Riviera which is internationally renowned as the world’s capital of perfume.

Lavande is definitely not like any other; this fragrance is not lavender all the way. It does open with the soul soothing true origin lavender accord but then this lavender mingles with and takes you to blue green sage notes and sun warmed Orange blossom, sparkling with Citrus from Sicily enveloping the trail with their white heady beauty: the White Musk and pure Madagascan Vanilla.

Mimosa, our Champagne of Scent with its billowing clouds of fresh floral honeyed and powdery light and airy pom-pom mimosa flowers, Amber, Provence Sun notes, French Sweet Violet leaf, the prized Florentine blue Iris, the exotic Ylang Ylang and Mousse de Chene (Oakmoss from France) which gives this fragrance the elegant feel of Chypre accord.

What is Mimosa?

Mimosa is not just a cocktail of Champagne and orange juice. It is an Australian native acacia tree in which the French saw potential for perfumery back in the 19th century. Mimosa is a secret ingredient in some of the world's most coveted scents. I like the idea that a little bit of Australia is floating in the bottles of these world famous perfumes.

I also think that it is high time that the world knows that mimosa is actually Australian, starting with Australians themselves. This is such a wonderfully refreshing and uplifting fragrance for any time of day and it makes perfect sense that it should be back in Australia because it so well suited as a fragrance in our warm climate. You can take it to the beach, on a picnic, a bush walk or on an evening out. This Mimosa fragrance belongs and fits with any Australian activity and our fun loving attitude to life.


"Play and have fun, whether you're home alone, in a virtual meeting, on the run or in the company of others."


GGDS is proud to take this initiative and bring back this fragrance for all Australians to enjoy and rediscover while also immersing you in Provence, whose expertise in creating perfumes, brilliant sunshine and similar climate to ours allows for growing high quality ingredients that fill the bottles of these perfumes carrying the spirit of the well known French ethos Joie de Vivre - the exuberant enjoyment of life or the 'joy of living'.


A celebration of you

These Parfums de Provence fragrances invite you to take the time to enjoy them as a ritual, on their own or try one dose spritz of lavender overlaid with two doses of Rose and watch how they mingle with your skin. Experience a spritz of mimosa under the lavender and top it with the rose. Just imagine the cocktails of possibilities and infusions you can create. Take advantage of your biology and your nose which has more than one thousand receptors for smell. The scent of smell is hard wired in our genetic code and when we experience fragrances we feel them in a real and deep way which is why the perfumes have the power to transform and enhance moods and behaviours. Endowed with your innate hard wired biology, you can be far more creative than you might have thought.

Play and have fun, whether you're home alone, in a virtual meeting, on the run or in the company of others. Uplift your mood throughout each and day, creating multiples of mini moments of ritual because happiness and life’s little luxuries should not be postponed.