Mimosa - A Champagne of Scent - EDT 30ml

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A secret ingredient in some of the worlds most coveted scents.

Mimosa is an Australian native tree which arrived in France in mid-19th century. It has become a symbol of ‘’Grasse Terroir” forming luxurious forests on the Tanneron Hills near the town of Grasse - France’s capital of perfumery. For a few fleeting weeks a year, the delicate spheres of flowers turn the hills a golden yellow and pervade the air with a soft floral, honeyed and powdery scent.

This fragrance opens with a billowing cloud of Mimosa’s fresh floral, honeyed and powdery accord - anchored to the base of Musk, sweetly resinous Amber and the brilliant yet tender Provence Sun Notes. At its heart is the French sweet Violet Leaf, the elegant, soft floral notes of the prized Florentine Powder Blue Iris from Italy and the sensuously exotic Ylang-Ylang grown on French Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean. “Mousse de Chêne” (Oakmoss) sustainably sourced from France brings a unique elegant feel of Chypre accord to this composition.

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