Parfums de Provence

Infused with high quality botanicals, absolutes and essential oils from trusted sources, these fragrances have been crafted to showcase the beautiful essence of nature. Highlighting three vastly contrasting flowers – the rose, lavender and mimosa blossoms – the depth of these fragrances carries you from the true smell of each flower to the soft oriental undertones.

Made by a family perfumery in the Provence, South of France, the years of passion and expert craftsmanship combine to create Parfums de Provence.

Discover your new go to fragrance with Parfums de Provence.


The Fragrances.





fresh floral, feminine, sensual, a classic fragrance soft floral, warm, harmonious, a relaxing night fragrance sweet floral, summery, effervescent, an uplifting morning fragrance

Notes: Rare Rose de Mai - Rose Absolute from a 100 petalled Rosa Centifolia - Geranium Rose Leaf - Fresh Freesia - Musk - Sweet Sandalwood

Notes: True Origin Lavender - Blue-Green Wild Sage - Orange Blossom - Chamomile - Citrus from Sicily - White Musk - Pure Madagascan Vanilla

Notes: Mimosa’s Sweet Floral and Powdery Accord - Musk - Amber - Provence Sun Notes - Violet leaf – Rare Florentine Blue Iris - Ylang-Ylang - Mousse de Chêne (Oakmoss) – Chypre Accord