The Face of GGDS

Dr Bianca Piscioneri is the principal dentist and practice owner of the Golden Grove Dental Service (GGDS).

Frustrated by lack of availability of high quality lip care for her patients, Dr Bianca Piscioneri and the team at GGDS crafted their own unique conditioning lip balm for their patients - the Hydra Re-New Lip Balm.

"The molecules of these nourishing ingredients penetrate deeply into the layers of the lip tissue and the bisabolol is known to aid the penetration and absorption of natural oils. The synergy of these ingredients provides an additional protective barrier against environmental aggressors such as free radicals, light and moisture loss.
The protection against UVA rays is rare in lip balms and is so important. UVA is part of incidental every day light exposure - when driving the car, through windows, while walking to the shops at lunch. This is exposure is known to contribute to ageing the lips and causing potential damage" - Dr Bianca Piscioneri

For over 25 years, Dr Piscioneri has provided care for her patients that is immersed in the excellence of science, intrinsic beauty of nature, the importance of self-care rituals in health to help support wellness from within. These principles are what created The Biomimetic Way™ - a holistic approach to care.

Parfums de Provence were introduced to compliment and heighten any self-care ritual. Just like the dentistry offered at GGDS, these fragrances have been crafted with the highest level of precision and passion, with ingredients derived from trusted sources.

"For a ritual of pure pleasure, spray these compact elixirs throughout the day, in your room, your office, or above your bed. Create a sense of play, take the time to linger for a moment or a while. Layer these fragrances for endless possibilities to create your own personal scent unique to you and your skin" - Dr Bianca Piscioneri