Hydra Re-New® Face Elixir - 30ml

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ELEMENTET - where the best of nature and highly innovative actives combine in one bottle.

Excellence for your skincare, this dual phase Hydra Re-New Face Elixir combines serum and oil with luxurious, highly effective, anti-ageing and rejuvenating elements into the one formula. Each Face Elixir bottle is filled with the highest quality, pure plant ingredients and innovative actives to best look after your skin.


Cocoa Active - Fights against oxidative stress maintains skin elasticity and helps to protects from photo ageing. Produced by patented technology from unfermented cocoa beans farmed sustainably in Nicaragua.

Alpine Lake Green Microalgae Active - Restores the skin's homeostasis by shielding it from inner stress signals, preventing fine lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue and boosting skin radiance and glow. A first in Australia, this ingredient is revolutionary in skincare to help combat the world's epidemic of fatigue and stress and their negative effect on skin ageing.

Apple Seed Oil - Helps to improve elasticity, softness of the skin and supports collagen production. Cold pressed using seeds from juice production as ELEMENTET is committed to zero waste beauty.