Perfume and their power to transport moods

Effects of stress on oral health and how oral health signs and symptoms are in turn a direct reflection of stress and a window into our health and mental wellbeing.

Dr Bianca Piscioneri


It is well accepted that in our busy modern world, and in our personal lives, that we experience diverse forms of stress on a daily basis. Our mouths are a secret and hidden window in just how stressed we may be, often before we are consciously aware of it. At times this type of stress can be overwhelming and can seem like a trillion things are robbing you of your time on the planet even in small and insidious ways.

How often does work intrude into your private life both physically and in your thinking space? How often do the challenges of the digital age around you put pressure on you to constantly adapt, transform and perform?


"Ask yourself: do you regularly forget to hydrate through the day, to take time to breath, let alone allow yourself to indulge in life’s little luxuries and literally stop to smell the roses, not only on a daily basis but regularly throughout your day?"


Inspired by the French centuries old cultural concept of La Joie de Vivre, or 'the Joy of Living', our GGDS Self-Care portfolio aims to encourage building moments of happiness throughout each and every day, and not waiting for the weekend or a holiday to 'feel the joy of living'. We consider perfumes and fragrances to play an important role in this as mood enhancing elixirs to be spritzed throughout the day, helping us to optimise health and well-being and simply seek to feel better whenever we can.

Here at GGDS we understand clearly the real need to help our patients in a holistic way. We were compelled to create a deliberate, unique and special platform called GGDS Self-Care for our patients to enjoy. This is to help them learn about themselves and how signs and symptoms in their mouth can so accurately reflect their chronic and acute state of wellbeing. These signs and symptoms such as active tooth wear, clenching, tongue scalloping, dehydrated tissues and reduced saliva flow are often subclinical; that is, you are completely unaware that they are there until they accumulate over time and become stress that we feel in physical and mental way.

At GGDS we are immensely proud of our long standing reputation for excellence in delivering the very best in dental care, cultivating our passion by combing the world for expert knowledge in materials, biology and research. However, it is our unreservedly comprehensive mouth, tissue, facial muscles, joints and tooth examinations where our patients learn the most about themselves. This is because the mouth is so often the first place where the symptoms of stress are reflected. Through our accurate recording of clinical and diagnostic data for each individual patient over months and years, we have built a powerhouse of data which is invaluable to help our patients make informed choices for themselves and better manage their health and wellbeing.


"The relationship between our brain, fragrances and emotions is very complex and fragrances not only influence mood but can influence changes in our behaviour."


Our expert know-how and the needs of our patients has inspired us to introduce our Parfums de Provence collection of fragrances as part of our comprehensive health and wellbeing GGDS Self-Care program. Fragrances are powerful, with countless university studies showing that they are good for everyone's wellbeing. The relationship between our brain, fragrances and emotions is very complex and fragrances not only influence mood but can influence changes in our behaviour. The receptors in our nose are strongly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus of our brain which specialise in input and processing of emotions and memories.

This is why these fragrances are designed to be prescriptives for everyday as life's little luxuries and not just a perfume you splash on when you are about to meet other people. They are for you and your self-care to help you with self confidence, to bring peace, slow you down when you need it, energise or bring instant moments of pleasure and enhance the mood throughout the day. A daily ritual which should not be postponed until the weekend, for example.

Parfums de Provence are infused with high quality botanical extracts, hydrosols, absolutes and essential oils with pure ingredient story and take you on an olfactory journey. Mesmerising and alluring, these fragrances capture the sun soaked fields, wild flowers and all that is Provence and the south of France. They are authentic artisan compositions of precision, passion and are that sublime duo of Savoir Faire (expertise) and La Joie de Vivre (the Joy of Living). The fragrances are made by a family owned perfumery who began making perfumes in 1888 in Vallauris near Grasse.

Grasse is known as the capital of France for perfume making with centuries old traditions and contemporary understanding of how to artfully construct fragrance compositions which can excite and delight the senses. Here too are the fields of the rare Rose de Mai. This rose is known for its precious and alluring rose scent and only flowers once a year in the month of May. Its delicate petals are hand picked and their extract is infused into the Parfum Rose fragrance.

With a strong focus on Pleine Conscience (mindfulness), we want to encourage people to develop their own self-care routines and rituals to help combat the busyness and stress of every day life through stimulating the senses and playfulness of these fragrances to help support happiness from within.

They are 30ml little luxury elixirs that are easy to carry around in a handbag. The Parfum Lavande fragrance can be sprayed on pyjamas or above the bed as a calming night time fragrance. They are designed to be spritzed throughout the day and layered to create a scent unique to you and of your own creation which takes you on a journey of remembering beautiful moments or to lift the mood.


"Parfum de Provence are far more complex artisan compositions which linger and therefore have far more to offer in the olfactory journey."


I am delighted to note just how Parfums de Provence have been eagerly embraced by our patients. They have shared their stories on how they like to use the fragrance personally and why they like them.

Longer lasting than essential oils, Parfums de Provence are far more complex artisan compositions which linger and therefore have far more to offer in the olfactory journey. They begin with top notes then middle or heart accord and memorable trail base note. They are life’s little luxuries for everyday GGDS Self-Care Rituals.