True Origin Lavender: A Breath of Summer in the South of France

Lavender from Provence is like no other and at GGDS, we support the farmers to help uphold the heritage of this region. Their tireless work, careful decisions and expertise all culminate in a dazzling display of deeply peaceful and soul soothing purple flower fields that bloom for only a few short weeks each year.

Dr Bianca Piscioneri


For many Europeans, lavender is a scent of summer holidays in the South of France.  Lavender is synonymous with Provence and the emblematic flower of this region. It is its heart and soul, perfectly adapted to its sun-drenched climate and the terroir of the soil.

For this reason, the lavender and its essential oil from Provence is renowned for its unrivalled quality and exquisite perfume composition. The scent of this lavender is considered to be the 'True Lavender' scent, rich in very complex scent molecules that reflect the sun drenched fields of Provence.

Our Parfum Lavande perfume captures the very essence of this stunning lavender. An olfactory journey that transports you to those fields of Provence and the summer holiday feeling with every spritz.


July: the height of summer in Provence in the South of France

For only a few short weeks in summer, stunning dusky purple-blue fields of lavender adorn the picturesque hilltop villages, off the beaten path chateaux and ancient abbeys. Vast expanses of rolling lavender fields. Some say the most photogenic are in Plateau de Valensole where the sunny, dreamy violet sea of lavender are framed by yellow fields of sunflowers and golden wheat.

These compositions were immortalised by iconic impressionist painters like Claude Monet and post impressionists like Vincent Van Gogh. They were all drawn to and transfixed by the natural beauty of Provence, yearning to capture its decadent light, the air, the colours and the scenery beyond compare. Their canvases captured the lavender fields in bloom at sunrise, in the midday shade of the gnarled olive trees and lavender fields bathed in the warm light of romantic evening sunsets.


Lavender: an ancient multitasking medicinal herb

Lavender was brought to France around 600BC and established itself as a wild herb. However, it was the Romans who first extracted the precious essential oils of the plant and used it in their famously relaxing baths. This lends itself to the name lavender, stemming from the Latin ‘lavare’ which means 'to wash'.

It was renowned for its soothing and calming qualities, and in Medieval times, it was a purported cure for everything from headaches to snake bites, and in general a protector of disease and an excellent healer of wounds.

The famously charismatic Tudor Queen of England, Queen Elisabeth I, was very fond of lavender tea. The virtues of lavender are very much appreciated today for its soothing and calming properties and it is still associated with healing through its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Above all, it is still a scent adored and simply enjoyed by many people.

How to use our Parfum de Provence Lavande Perfume

This lavender perfume is unique and exclusive to GGDS. Infused with essential oils and high quality botanicals, it forms an essential component of our Self Care Rituals program.

It is a soul soothing, modern composition of Provence lavender, French violet and the freshness of sparkling citrus and sun warmed orange blossom, all culminating in a seductive warm trail of white musk and Madagascan vanilla.

As an evening fragrance, it is perfect for spritzing over the pillow or above your bed. It is also suited as an afternoon pick me up in the air space of your office, at home, or at work. Easy to carry around, take the perfume anywhere with you for whenever you feel like a spritz.

Try layering this beautiful scent with our Parfum Rose or Parfum Mimosa and create your very own unique perfume composition and olfactory journey.

Lavender from Provence is truly one of Life's Little Luxuries here at GGDS. Delight your senses any time of the day or lose yourself in the relaxing holiday feel haze of this beautiful purple flower.