ELEMENTET: The First Brand of Not Just of the World but the Universe

“Oddly enough the overriding sensation I got looking at the Earth was, my god that little thing is so fragile out there.”
- Mike Collins, Gemini 10, Apollo 11,1969

Dr Bianca Piscioneri


GGDS would like to introduce ELEMENTET, where high level science combines with the best of nature and highly innovative actives in one bottle.

ELEMENTET takes inspiration from the elements of the vast universe itself and the science of nature. ELEMENTET is beyond compare, an exclusive perspective in the world of luxury. Indeed, it is a universe within a universe of its own style of luxury. Radical in the field of cosmetics and a shift in the current mindset, it is decidedly taking a long range view rising above the earth, like an astronaut and looking from outside in.

Yet it pays uncompromising attention to the smallest of details beyond cellular and molecular levels, going deeper to the electrons, protons and beyond within atoms themselves, incessantly searching how this knowledge and our atomic connection to the stars and cosmos can help to benefit our health and well-being.


"Earth is often described by some scientists as a "small world orbiting around an ordinary star - our Sun - in a run-of-the-mill galaxy.""


ELEMENTET delights in the intrinsic beauty of nature and all its senses, yet clearly understands that nature is deeply complex, and even now, despite centuries of painstaking research, nature is still unquestionably mysterious. These deep complexities of nature are at the same time governed by the beautiful simplicity of the four laws of the universe. The fact that we have sound knowledge of those laws is one of the greatest achievements in modern physics and science overall.

In the luxury universe of ELEMENTET, nature is breathtakingly beautiful but it is a shadow, an expression of the elegant mathematical laws, awe-inspiring physics, graceful biology, the science of intuition and ever-expanding understanding in psychology and its real atomic connection to the very processes of biology itself.

Earth is often described by some scientists as a "small world orbiting around an ordinary star - our Sun - in a run-of-the-mill galaxy." ELEMENTET is ultimately about living life well in the short time we have on the only world we know, our Earth, which we share with at least ten million different species of animals and plants.


ELEMENTET calls on you to be a curious consumer. Be a child again. Ask questions and explore and learn what really benefits you directly. Is the science in cosmetics or skin care you are using accurate, substantiated or driven by the intention to really benefit you, the consumer, and sustain the planet you live on?


In our modern world of media, our attention is constantly occupied by marketing, leaving no room for our minds to think freely or ponder over what we are being fed. Take for example the cosmetic industry, images of test tubes filled with green stems and flowers to represent science.

Talk of pseudo or pending patents, nano particles of gold, silver, platinum or caviar and how they can penetrate deep into skin, all with ability to make you look younger.


Ask yourself what does even a company patent mean for you personally?


Whole brands sitting on one study on mice and how certain herbs extend the youthfulness in mice genetics. Ask where is the clinical or even in-vivo study in humans? It's hard to believe in the modern world of information technology, we seek to learn less on what really matters to us. It seems the multitude of platforms of communication serve to feed us more dumbed down messages, blocking our own free thinking and joy that comes with curiosity.

ELEMENTET understands that research takes decades and centuries and is built on the shoulders of other scientific research greats. ELEMENTET takes inspiration from and is based on the foundations built by the scientists of history who were curious about nature and contributed their knowledge and left legacies for future generations to continue building on. Scientists like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie and Johannes Kepler.

Kepler is best known for his laws on planetary motion and this, in turn, led Isaac Newton to discover the law of universal gravitation after he questioned why the apple fell from a tree he was sitting under. Kepler was known for planets but he is an epitome of that child like curiosity. In 1610, he wrote the book “On the Six-Corned Snowflake” with thrilling delight, asking about the intricate details that lay within its delicate lace-like beauty and how it is that each snowflake is unique in its crystal structure yet made of the same material. Kepler never succeeded in deciphering a snowflake and it took atomic physics, modern science and few centuries in between to have the snowflake explained.

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person and remains to this day the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice. Marie Curie was the first biography I ever read of anyone in my life. She was a founding influencer and an inspiration to me on elements, science and their connection to nature.

I can't help but wonder what these scientists would make of the science talk in the marketing of the cosmetic brands of today.